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My experience with Coach Sam Bellin has been nothing short of great.  In addition to his knowledge and experience across a wide range of sports, the best thing about Sam's coaching is that he works to ingrain values in his players that help them out not only in sports but in life as well.  I think the most important thing Coach Sam ever taught me was the concept of accountability; if you lose the ball in soccer, you work hard to get it back and if you make a mistake in life, you take responsibility and then you fix it.  That trait has really helped shape me as both an athlete and a person.  I would recommend Coach Sam and his programs to any young athlete.

Joaquin (Junior) Gonzalez
2011 Allderdice Captain and Western PA All Star

The champions of City League boys soccer for the past two years (2010, 2011) has been Pittsburgh Allderdice with Sam Bellin as Head Coach.  If coaches were judged merely by wins and losses, then Coach Sam would get the highest marks.  And for some coaches (and parents), winning is all that matters.  But in watching how he led the Dice team through the eyes of one of the players, my son Jesse, I saw a coach who didn't demand victories from his players; rather, he simply demanded that they be accountable to their teammates and good sports to their opponents.  In so doing, I believe he helped mold them into champions on and off the field.

Robert Mendelson
Allderdice High School parent 

I've know Sam Bellin for decades.  He is a marvelous teacher with exceptional leadership skills.  He is superb with children.  He cares deeply about helping people develop their potential, and is very good at it.  He has a magnetic personality and unique presence which allows him to engage people like no one I have ever met.  I've seen him enthrall 90 children and inspire them to strive for moral excellence. For many years I have been sending my own children to summer camps that he directs, and I cannot imagine a better role model for my children.

Andy Norman
Founder and President, Camp Spirit of the Game

Beyond improving our individual soccer skills, Coach Sam really made us into a team.  At the beginning of the season we were eleven individual players each doing what they thought would be best.  He transformed us into a single unit, in which each of us understood our tactical system and the specific role we needed to play for it to work, and each performing that role.  That's what made us a great team and Coach Sam such a great coach.

Ben Plaut
Allderdice Varsity Soccer

I have known Sam Bellin for the past 6 years.  He has been an outstanding member of the Pittsburgh Football Club and an excellent high school soccer coach.  His commitment to develop young athletes has surpassed anyone I've seen in this field.

Chris Bauernfeind
Vice President, Pittsburgh Football Club

My son recently completed his first round of the Mighty Kicks soccer program.  He loved your soccer program!  When I would pick him up he was so excited to tell me that he played soccer and tell me all about the games they played that day.  Thank you for giving him a great first experience with soccer!

Mighty Kicks parent

I just had to write a note to thank you for offering the program and for including all levels.  You made a great impression on Tyler . . This was a great activity for Tyler and you are a good coach / leader.  Tyler will most assuredly see you in the fall!

Mighty Kicks parent

Sofia is thoroughly enjoying her football practice sessions and she looks forward to them each week.  Thank you for making it an enjoyable experience for her!

Mighty Kicks parent

Coach Sam's love of soccer and his positive attitude is infectious and the kids respond to him so well.  He knows what it takes and how to get your kids to whatever level of player they desire to become, and I am so grateful for what he has done for both of my boys.

Paul Marty, Dynamo Soccer Coach

I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great camp.  Sebastian said it was challenging but he really enjoyed it.  He came home each night looking forward to the next session.  I think it provided him with a good perspective on the hard work involved in being a dedicated high school athlete.  Thanks again!

Mary, Total Soccer Academy Camp parent

My daughter, Kayla, had such a great time with you.  Thank you so much for your hard work and patience.  The other day Kayla and her older brother were playing one vs. one soccer in the driveway.  After Kayla went up 2-0, my son said, "Wow, Kayla is dominating me.  She must be learning a lot at soccer camp."  Keep up the great work!

Cormac, Mighty Kicks parent 


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